Assisting healthcare equipment sales organisations.

Medical Technologies Vendor Technical Support ServicesHealthcare equipment sales organisations understand the importance that their clients place upon responsive and efficient service support which often influences their purchasing decision.

Yet the cost of the infrastructure, together with competent and qualified support personnel adds significantly to the fixed overheads of an equipment sales organisation.

Medical Technologies provides cost effective service and support solutions for vendors of technologically advanced medical equipment.

  • Tailored Support Solutions
  • Warranty Support
  • Manufacturer’s Service Protocols
  • Rapid Response Fault Rectification
  • Project Implementation
  • Installations

Medical Technologies have consistently enhanced the reputations of healthcare equipment sales organisations by always exceeding the support requirements of the client.

Effective technical support is more than simply ‘fixing equipment’ but requires consistent dialogue with both the client and the vendor, and assuring that expectations are understood and met. Record keeping, compliance testing and comprehensive e-reporting to the stakeholders ensure that QA and Accreditation requirements are fulfilled.

For 25 years, Medical Technologies has earned a reputation for Integrity, Honesty, Efficiency and Competency. These hallmarks are embedded in our mantra – When Performance Matters.

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