Hitachi™ Healthcare Ultrasound

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Only the Hitachi Aloka robotically-controlled ultrasound transducer utilizes the full benefits of the precise Wrist Articulation of the robotic instruments providing significant benefits including:

  • Direct surgeon control of the ultrasound probe
  • Full robotic articulation to capture real-time images from every angle
  • Greater accuracy and precision to ensure identification of the entire tumor surface
  • Seamless integration with the robotic grasping instruments
  • Ability to simultaneously view real-time ultrasound images as a picture-on-picture display
  • Accessibility of the transducer from multiple ports
  • Flexibility to grasp and release the probe as needed
  • Proven effectiveness for minimally invasive Robot-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy (RAPN)

Robotic Ultrasound in Action


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Hitachi Arietta Precision

Designed to occupy the smallest amount of space in the operating theatre, the Arietta Precision is the perfect ultrasound for surgical applications. With a large touch operated display, or with addition of an optional touch operated remote controller, the Precision overcomes the traditional problems of fluid splash into keyboards and trackballs.

Additionally, the intuitive touch panel and 'large image format' enables exceptionally simple operation. The performance - value proposition of the Arietta Precision means that it has already found favour with the theatres of some major Australian teaching hospitals.

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Hitachi Arietta Prologue

The Arietta Prologue is Hitachi's innovative solution to POC (Point of Care) ultrasound. The Prologue is a small portable, yet flexible ultrasound with detachable intuitive touch screen operation. The touch screen can be operated by gloved hands and the system is designed for resistance to fluid ingress and easy cleaning. Suitable for applications such as anaesthesia line placements and nerve blocks; hospital wards; emergency rooms FAST protocol; obstetrics; musculo-skeletal and urology.
The Prologue can be used in desk top format or mounted on an optional pedestal cart.

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Hitachi Aloka Noblus

The Noblus is a compact laptop format ultrasound that is arguably one of Hitachi's most interesting surprise packages. This small system boasts a high density imaging engine from a large 'high end' system which has been miniaturised to fit in the compact case. The image quality is simply astounding for a system of its size. The Noblus can be configured for several specialist applications such urology and bi-plane trans-perineal imaging; laparoscopic and liver surgery; extremely high definition musculo-skeletal and general imaging. Fitted into an entirely alloy case, the Noblus is the most robust portable ultrasound in its class.

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Hitachi Arietta V60

The Arietta V60 is a cost effective general purpose ultrasound system with excellent imaging ability that can be configured for specific applications such as surgical - liver and neuro, urology, robotic, anaesthesia, general, obstetrics and gynaecology, musculo-skeletal. The Arietta V60 is ideal for shared use applications and hospital wards. The Arietta V60 is compatible with a wide range of Hitachi's specialist imaging transducers.

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Hitachi Arietta V70

The Arietta V70 is the pinnacle of Hitachi's surgical ultrasound systems. In conjunction with high density laparoscopic and open liver T shape transducers, the Arietta V70 produces extremely high definition imaging for the surgeon throughout the procedure. Additionally, the Arietta V70 can be configured for shared use applications such as anaesthesia; urology; nephrology; and general imaging.