Medical Gas Services

From oxygen valves, suction devices and anaesthesia delivery systems, to hospital reticulated gas systems, Medical Technologies offers testing, maintenance and repair services for healthcare gas installations and devices.

Planned service and maintenance programs are available for the mining and resource sector, private and public hospital facilities, regional health centres, ambulance and on site paramedic facilities, remote community health clinics.

Australian Standards

Medical Technologies ensures that testing and calibration is compliant with Australian Standards:

  • Australian Standard AS 2472
  • Australian Standard AS 2488
  • Australian Standard AS 2896
  • Australian Standard AS 3200
  • Australian Standard AS 3840

Medical Gas Services

  • Analgesia Systems
  • Anaesthesia Delivery
  • Gas Scavenging
  • Oxygen Analysers
  • Regulators & Flowmeters
  • Medical Suction
  • Replacement Parts
  • Device Testing
  • Servicing
  • Reticulated Systems Maintenance